Multimedia Collaboration Systems

Digital image transmission in real-time and at high resolution – at the touch of a key.

A multimedia educational system (sometimes also called a classroom management system or Videonet) facilitates cross linking in a computer lab. It also works as central control of monitors, PCs, keyboards, mice, cameras, projectors, tablet pcs etc.

We supply hardware switching systems for computer training rooms.

We do not supply the computers or monitors , only the switching hardware. So you can continue to use your own customised computers and preferred computer suppliers. Our hardware consists of various switching units, a control panel and a teachers keypad to control the various switching functions.

Using this system it is possible to transform an ordinary computer lab into a truly interactive experience for all participants’.

Our Collaboration system can be used with practically any type of computer or operating system and does not require  any additional software.

Easily installed on any new or existing computer network.

Why Use this System:

  • Educational support tool for teachers and lecturers.
  • Directs the attention of the  students and participants.
  • Achieve the best possible viewing conditions.
  • Students can learn together or on an individual basis.
  • Enable interactive audience participation. Students can present their work to their colleagues.
  • Visualization of training content in Full HD + 1920 x 1200 (single frame or motion video).
  • Central control & integration of all media (e.g. projectors, visualizer, microscopes, tablet & notebook PCs, etc)
  • Increase the efficiency of the training by making it easy to manage the entire classroom, or an individual student, without leaving your desk if you prefer.
  • Add the “WOW” factor to your classroom.
  • Open ended, so you can add video and audio devices when required.
  • Make a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The core function of such a system is the visualisation of training content.

Videodidact® and alphadidact® Digital systems are specially designed for use in computer labs. Objective of a centrally controlled multimedia system is the support of teachers during training sessions. Numerous functions have been designed specifically to aid a visually supported training, and to actively integrate participants. Thus the training becomes animated and more efficient.

Over 1,000.000 workstations have been installed worldwide.

Image Transmission at the Highest Resolution


Videodidact® Select is the training system that offers the widest range of functions within the videodidact® product series. Its main feature is the bidirectional image transfer from / to any pc workstation. The lecturer/ teacher selects who is to transmit, and who is to receive with just one touch of a button.

As an entirely hardware-based solution, videodidact® Select transmits any graphic representation in real-time (without time lag), irrespective of screen resolution, color mode, computer type and application.

The advanced amplifier electronics allows images to be  transmitted at  the highest screen resolutions, without time lag, and in best quality up to 1920 x 1200.

This makes videodidact® Select the perfect resource, not only for training courses (e.g. CAD/ CAM training etc.), but also for teachers/ lecturers at any school or university.

  • Manage the entire classrooms as easily as the touch of a key.
  • Ideal for Learning together or on an individual basis.
  • Gain the attention of the class by blanking ALL computers with the click of a key. Lock students keypads and mouse.
  • Share your screen with one student or the whole class.
  • Highlight certain areas of your screen.
  • Monitor ALL screens manually or automatically to see who needs help.
  • Assist individuals either remotely or by going to their desk.
  • Students can share their work with individuals, or to everyone and to a projector.
  • Share images and video from a laptop and other imaging devices.
  • Include cameras, Microscopes, video recorders, etc in the system.
Optional Control via Tablet:
  • Use a conventional style keypad or use a tablet to easily switch between computers. You can also use them together.
  • Layout can be configured to match your classroom.
  • Pre installed App customised for your lab operation.
  • Wireless operation.
  • Simultaneous operation of your computer lab using a system keypad and a tablet.
  • Use one tablet to monitor several computer rooms.

Advantages of using a Hardware system over software:


  • Instantly switch high resolution images to any computer in the loop (over 70 monitors). No time delays.No effect on your network speed.
  • Instantly switch HD images or HD Video without effecting your network speed .
  • No reduction in image quality or size.
  • Highly secure, because there is NO software to install on any computer.
  • Highly secure because it is completely isolated from your network.
  • No need to install any hardware inside computers. Making it highly secure to use with security sensitive computers. 
  • Very stable and reliable. Designed to default to normal computer operation in the event of any hardware failure.
  • Extremely easy to use. No need to go into special programs, or change screens, just hit a key.
  • Open ended system which can easily be expanded in the future to include other recording, or imaging devices.
  • Can run on any operating system, even mixed operating systems.
  • Can be used with any type of computer hardware or a mixture of computer hardware, as long as you have a DVI or Video port (VGA systems are also available).
  • Audio communication can be included. For bi-directional communication between individuals and the instructor,or between the instructor and all students in the class.
  • Assist keys available for students to discretely call for help from the instructor.
  • Link several classrooms together.
  • Optional “Privacy” buttons for students to isolate their computer from the system.


This system is ideal for high security and specialist applications, such as :

  • Sensitive business use.
  • Banking applications.
  • Police training.
  • MOD applications.
  • Medical Training.
  • Specialised Scientific or Industrial use.
  • Government Agencies.
  • Complex system training.
  • Simulator training.
  • Formal Training, where procedures are critical.
  • Situations where it is important to see images in detail. eg Medical imaging.




Modular design:










Sumary of Features0001

 Sumary of Features0002 Sumary of Features0003 Sumary of Features0004 Sumary of Features0005

Specialised Imaging Applications:

Our switching systems can be  used on very highly specialised applications. For example this is a system installed at a Dental Training facility. Each student has a clear view of the screen transmitted by the teacher.

Dental Training:

Audio options are available to enable voice communication between the instructor and the individual student using the audio option. Here the instructor can communicate with all students and at the same time transmit HD images of the procedure.



Microscopy Training:

Microscope1      Microscope2

Language and Call Center rooms:




 Conference Rooms:

 With the Conference Master System installed in the meeting room enables participants to connect their laptops to the projector. This allows the participant to start their presentation at the touch of a button.  Video is then transmitted in high resolution up to 1920 x 1200 pixels without any time delay. A typical system would have 6 laptop positions and 2 outputs. This allows any presenter to switch to a projector and /or a high resolution monitor.
Conf Room

Conference Switch 6 inputs x 2 outputs

Digital Conference Switch 6 x 2 with “Show me buttons”


Technical Details



Our Digital Conference Switch 6 x 2 is ideal as a collaboration and conference tool, and is a perfect mobile training solution. It allows 6 signal sources such as Tablet PCs, Notebooks, streaming devices, etc to be displayed on a projector or a monitor or both.

Images are transmitted in Full HD (upto 1920 x 1200) without any loss of quality, or time delay.

We can supply cables with the correct adapter for your tablets. Eg Apple type connectors on the one end and DVI connectors at the other end which plug into the Conference Switch. This way you can connect a mixture of different computers.

Set up in just a few minutes in any conference room. The Digital Conference switch 6 x 2 works without any administrative effort and does not need any technical know how to be used. Larger groups can be accommodated by daisy chaining several switch systems together. The switch can also be combined with our alphadidact system for a very flexible and high powered interactive training system.





conference switch back


conference switch front



  • 6 x DVI _ Digital (Single Link) – 24 +5 Pin DVI



  • 2 x DVI _ Digital (Single Link) – 24 +5 Pin DVI



  • Full HD 1920 x 1080p up to 1920 x 120



  • 1 x RS232 D-Sub (DB9), 9 pin.



  • HDMI, Display Port 1 EDID Management.



  • 1 Power Supply
  • 6 x Show Me Buttons.






Video Splitters and Extenders:

We can supply various DVI and VGA switch units and splitters if you would like to make a small system for yourself.
Please contact us for further information.
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