We offer the following software solutions:



Specialised scanning software for a Vidar Medical Digitiser:

If you are looking to update your old Digitiser software to operate on a new computer or to work with Windows 7 operating system. We offer the following options..


Clinical Express Software:


If you already have Clinical Express, you may be able to upgrade free of charge to the latest version which is Win 7 compatible.



  • General Radiography – Digitise Gen Rad films or CT /MRI images.
  • Mammography – Dedicated user interface for digitising Mammo priors.
  • Patient Worklist – This option allows CLX to query the patient worklist from the DICOM Worklist Server.
  • Patient Data Interchange – This module allows importing of DICOM data from CD media or allows a TWAIN complient paper scanner to be used combine paper reports to be imported into patients file.

CLX mon


  • QA Tools – Window level, rotate,flip,invert
  • HIPAA complience functions including auto logout, patient data anonymization and audit trail.
  • Thumbnails for quick accecc to images
  • Batch Scanning (if supported by Digitiser).





Workstation Specification:

  • Windows XP Professional (32 bit) SP3  or Windows 7 Professional 32 /64 bit).
  • 3 Ghz Pentium 4 Pc
  • 1.00 Gb of memory minimum.
  • 50Gb of free space on hard drive.


AcuScreen Gateway Software:


If you need to upgrade your workstation computer to Windows 7 or if you need to replace your old scanning software, This is a very cost effective solution.



AcuScreen Gateway is a simple, low cost and convenient software tool for connecting a non DICOM device such as a Vidar scanner to convert the scan to a DICOM format for sending to PACS. It has a built in database, a viewer interface for entering study details, and can be connected to the Hospital work list. The software can also be used to burn files to CD. The software can be supplied on CD or via download:

•Demo version restricted by 30 days. The trial period is extendable and / or can be limited by a number of program starts, final date, etc.
•Release version protected by the USB security dongle key

System Requirements

•Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
•Runtime environment: Net Framework 3.5 (pre installed in Windows 7)
•Database engine: SQL Server 2005 / 2008
•CD/DVD burning engine: Nero 7. Net Framework and SQL Server can be downloaded and installed automatically by the setup program. Alternatively, the user may install them manually if there is no Internet connection. Nero must be installed manually. We are going to skip this prerequisite in the near future.

Program Modules

Basic components:

•DICOM Client to get modality worklist from and send images to the PACS. Optional components:
•DICOM Server to access local images by DICOM workstations supporting DICOM query / retrieve
•File Server to access local images by other FutuRIS systems, as gateways as workstations, thus sharing images over a non-DICOM protocol
•Web Server to access local images on any Web browsers with enabled Adobe Flash. The Web Server is powered by another company and provides access to the gateway images on Android mobile devices as well. IOS is going to be supported in 2013.


The database can be configured in three ways:
•Local database for exclusive access
•Local database with DICOM / Web access
•Database shared among multiple gateways and workstations. The local database with DICOM / Web access allows third-party DICOM workstations and Web browsers to view images. The shared database allows the users to leave images on a acquisition machine and view and save images smoothly on other computers like it would be the local PC. Both network view-only access and full sharing are perfect image-sharing solutions for small clinics without PACS infrastructure and IT personnel.

Frame grabbers:

•Any Windows-compatible frame grabber
•Foresight Imaging frame grabber
•Matrox frame grabber. Scanners:
•TWAIN-compatible scanner
•VIDAR scanner thru ActiveX. DR flat panels:
•Vatech panel
•Atlaim panel (in progress).
User Interface


•Easy to be understood (intuitive)
•No right-clicks to support touch screens
•Icons grows on large fonts
•Icon size and font can be enlarged independently from Windows
•Rebranding. The user interface can be rebranded in two ways:
•Change the logo and brand name
•Change the visual design by modifying UI specifications, which requires some skills in program design.

Database Explorer

•Study list:
•Patient’s name, DOB, sex, ID
•Study description
•Status (waiting, stored)
•Date and time
•Study ID
•Order ID (accession number)
•Image list:
•Search study panel with a lot of criteria
•Add / edit / delete study
•Edit (description) / delete image
•Export to DICOMDIR in the file system
•Burn on CD / DVD
•View the remote modality worklist and save some orders locally
•Send studies/images with corresponding marks.
•Toolbar and thumbnail bar (screen-orientation-ware)
•Information texts in the corners (configured in XML)
•Save / close images
•Layout up to 5×5
•Play animation (multi-frame images)
•Print over DICOM
•Inversion (more than 8 bits)
•Optimal intensity conversion (more than 8 bits)
•Zoom / rotate / flip
•Marker with predefined texts
•Remove frames from images (multi-frame images)
•Import from DICOMDIR, DICOM file, JPG / TIFF / PNG / GIF / BMP file, AVI file, as well as from the folder with such files
•Export to DICOM file, JPG / TIFF / PNG / GIF / BMP file, AVI file.
Video recorder:
•Record still shots or short movies
•Convert frames to grayscale
•Foot or hand switch
•Simulation on any Web camera. TWAIN:
•Depends on the TWAIN data source. VIDAR:
•Preset film sizes
•Support of more than 8 bits
•Inversion after acquisition. Vatech DR flat panel:
•No windows interface
•Record with the X-ray button
•Simulation mode.

Workstation Specification:

  • Windows XP Professional (32 bit) SP3  or Windows 7 Professional 32 /64 bit).
  • 3 Ghz Pentium 4 Pc
  • 1Gb of memory minimum.
  • 1Tb of free space on hard drive.


Whichever option you are considering, please contact us for details and prices.





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